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Here at Next Step Wellbeing we know children can find it hard to verbalise and define their thoughts, feelings and problems that they maybe encountering. How they then communicate their inner world to those around them is via their external behaviour. This behaviour can manifest itself in a variety of ways such as withdrawal, sensitivity to situations and regression. Most commonly it can be experienced as disruptive behaviour for example; temper tantrums, bossiness, frequent arguments, control, moodiness, irritability, and physical aggression to others.


Our service gives children the time and space to explore their internal world it can help them to understand their own struggles, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It can also help them to work through their emotional and psychological developmental milestones. Relearning these stages heightens their awareness of the self and their own belief systems. As part of the therapeutic process Next Step Counselling uses a diverse range of creative tools and play. Using these tools enables a clear channel of communication to emerge allowing the child to naturally express, explore and convey themselves by using an avenue that is in essence their preferred way of relating.


We also work with parents and staff members.

How does it work?

Depending on what is already in place within an organisation, clients can select the appropriate support, training, products and services to complement existing initiatives and resources.

What are the benefits of an Annual Wellbeing Plan?

We can support you as much or as little as you need us to, but with a 12 month commitment to a wellbeing strategy, organisations will qualify for preferential rates that add value and best practice to a wellbeing project they can be proud of.

Some of the areas you might choose to benefit from are:

  • A Wellbeing Audit – to identify strengths and development areas

  • Annual wellbeing consultancy – to identify objectives, success criteria and measurement of counselling and wellbeing results 

  • A selection of online assessments, workshops, training, coaching sessions, webinars, toolkits or podcasts

  • Our support in internal meetings – to provide expertise and insight

  • Our engagement with Occupational Health, L&E, HR and Health & Safety, to foster cross-functional collaboration

  • Support with project comms and marketing, to secure buy-in and engagement

  • Project management to ensure the smooth planning and roll-out of your initiatives

  • Co-entry into industry wellbeing awards, to encourage recognition and awareness

  • Accept invitations to attend wellbeing conferences with The Wellbeing Project with access to best practice and knowledge-share.n

The Annual Wellbeing Plan is an ideal way to identify, plan and manage resources for your wellbeing strategy and to secure a highly effective project for the year ahead.


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