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Next Step Wellbeing is a holistic Mental Health Provider that has been providing a counselling wellbeing service to schools across the North East and is attracting a great deal of positive feedback.

This higher-level understanding and experience helps shape our organisation and supports our staff team to work alongside the school system, enabling the children to achieve their potential.

Counselling in school support can provide vulnerable young people with access to an appropriate intervention at the right time and ensure they are able to be supported within their school setting.  The therapeutic intervention included offering 1-1 counselling, peer group work, joint support for the main care giver and child or 1-1 parental support.

This service has been to be very successful with excellent outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Why us?

The schools are a the heart of what we do, as a service, we have been successful in gaining a fantastic reputation and quality assurance for schools in and around the North East.

Our background and experience clearly demonstrate that we understand the school system and how it functions, from governance level, to meeting the child’s mental health and emotional needs, allowing our service to compliment Emotional well-being strategies that schools may already provide.

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Let's Make A Change

Our service gives children the time and space to explore their internal world it can help them to understand their own struggles, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It can also help them to work through their emotional and psychological developmental milestones. Relearning these stages heightens their awareness of the self and their own belief systems. As part of the therapeutic process Next Step Counselling uses a diverse range of creative tools and play. Using these tools enables a clear channel of communication to emerge allowing the child to naturally express, explore and convey themselves by using an avenue that is in essence their preferred way of relating.


We also work with parents and staff members.

​Our costs are all upfront and in our school information pack with no hidden or jargon busting plans, plain and simple for you to pick the package you want. Last year just over 60% of funding came from Pupil Premium for therapeutic interventions, with a 94% feedback that the schools have seen a significant change providing the service.


Depending on what is already in place within an organisation, clients can select the appropriate support, training, products and services to complement existing initiatives and resources. In 2019 Children 96% found the service beneficial – Staff 98% found the service beneficial


We really do believe in the service we offer, but we have the stats to prove it, and we are ready to tailor each school to your need.


We are also very excited to be currently working alongside the Wallsend Children’s Community in partnership with Save the Children, undertaking a piece of research that shows the outcomes measures for wellbeing and counselling within schools. 


Part of the Wallsend's Children's Community Project in partnership with Save the Children

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