Covid 19

A brand new resilience webinar set up in the mix of this chaos, with our founder Lyndsey throughout March and April for FREE.

Live Webinar.

This webinar is directed at anyone who is feeling particularly anxious during this uncertain time.


It is very normal for anxiety to kick in when we feel in dander. There are certain psychological models what we can use to help our anxiety and worry, and building resilience within this. But most importantly we can stay connect at this isolating time.


This informative online course will give you some real life strategies that you will be able to use moving forward. This is one of our popular courses tailored and ran by a counselling tutor live online.

FREE to all.

That's right, we just want to be hear as a support, unfortunately we have closed our doors during this crisis but it doesn't mean we can't offer some support training to people. We also have one to one sessions still available with our Time Online Service. 

Currently no new webinars set up.


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