Online Counselling Consent

At your school, they offer a broad range of supportive services to assist pupils. Counselling is available to help children develop positive skills. When pupils work through their social and emotional issues they are able to devote attention and energy to learning.

Your child has been invited to participate in individual or group counselling.  

Meeting with the counsellor will take place during what would be school hours, and times will be co-ordinated with yourself and counsellor. 

This is done via online platform DUO-Google. It is safe and encrypted for use and has been agreed method of contact.


Please understand that counselling is confidential, and we respect your child’s right to privacy. We strongly encourage you to discuss any counselling progress with your child and incorporate these skills into you and your child’s daily routine.

Please fill in and agree to the below so we can start as soon as possible. By filling this in your agreeing that you are the legal guardian or parent & give permission for your child to receive counselling online.

Thank you for taking the time to fill this form in, your counsellor will speak to you prior to any sessions commencing as part of an induction to go through our Online Risk Assessment and anything that maybe useful before sessions begin including how to work the platform etc.

Thanks for submitting!