Impact Outcomes.

To ensure you know what impact the service is having in your school we measure how to child is in 5 different areas at the beginning of counselling and at the end of counselling. We have done this whilst being mindful that other tools can be very time consuming, and the last thing we want is to take time away from the children. With this in mind we measure impact in a simple way for the children and staff.

2016 – 2017 Children 98% found the service beneficial – Staff 97% found the service beneficial

2017 – 2018 Children 96% found the service beneficial – Staff 98% found the service beneficial


We really do believe in the service we offer, but we have the stats to prove it. We are also very excited to be currently working alongside the Wallsend Children’s Community undertaking a piece of research that shows our benefit in the Wallsend area.


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