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Next Step Wellbeing is a holistic Mental Health Provider that has been providing a counselling wellbeing service with organisations in the North East and is attracting a great deal of positive feedback.

With 140 million working days lost to sickness and mental ill health at work costing UK employers £26 billion each year the proves the critical need for robust and integrated wellbeing strategies.

We are passionate about employee health and wellbeing and offer a comprehensive audit of your business in order to identify areas which could be improved by a heightened focus on wellbeing issues.

It is often the case that businesses have policies regarding occupational health which rarely go beyond the reactive; those which offer support once a crisis point has been reached. Through our targeted engagement and evidence based approach, NSPW delivers a scalable and sustainable wellbeing framework to help nurture businesses and employees.

Why us?

The schools are a the heart of what we do, as a service, we have been successful in gaining a fantastic reputation and quality assurance for schools in and around the North East.

Our smorgasbord of strategies to improve mental, physical, social and environmental wellbeing are specifically tailored to your business. The key to developing meaningful change in your company is in enabling wellbeing in your colleagues.

Let's Make A Change

Part of the Wallsend's  Community Project in partnership with Save the Children.

Recognised members of NOCN Group to deliver first class accredited training 

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