About Us

NSPW was established in 2013 starting with just Lyndsey counselling on her own then overtime became to stretched to cope with demand and we started to gain some excellent grew members with a whole host of skills, we continued to grow an  established private rooms in North Tyneside which are modern, relaxing and inviting. Then in 2015 we started our first therapeutic interventions within schools all the way from Berwick Upon Tweed to Durham which continued to provide the need for specialist therapy, we then established close relationships with the Wallsend Community partnership as part of the Save the Children group within a national piece of research. Naturally progressing on to wellbeing within businesses. 

In the last few years we have become a training centre of NOCN Group to be able to offer accredited courses as well as Level 2 and Level 3 Counselling skills. Just recently we wanted to continue the need for holistic therapy including the need for wellbeing including retreats and a whole host of extra wellness we are currently excited to be starting on, keep your peepers pealed. 

Whatever the future holds we are just happy to be here and providing the therapeutic support to you all.


Our Partners

We are lucky enough to work in partnership with some fantastic companies and awarding bodies. Staying connected in local engagement is prevalent in having a holistic approach to wellbeing.

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Our Team

Our team of experienced, friendly therapists are here to help. The first time seeing us can be really daunting & we will do all that we can to put you at ease, within our comfortable warm and modern rooms.

The key to successful therapy is a good relationship between you & your counsellor, so please take some time to get to know our therapists, by reading the profiles on this page & trust your instincts in deciding who it is that you feel drawn to. We nurture and value all our staff members, they are thoroughly dedicated to counselling and have a vast range of individual knowledge shared throughout the team.